The Butchery
A 14,000 sqft dedicated meat production facility, dedicated to cater to your menu requirements. Our meat processing rooms are ISO22000 certified with hygiene protocols meeting and exceeding the required standards. Fully traceable and digitally monitored, we process and pack, so your kitchen team can focus on the most important tasks. Speak to our account managers today to understand about our Butchery Programs.
The customised portion control program starts with us getting to know your portioning specifications. Speak with your account managers to narrow down on a set of portioning specifications. These instructions will be relayed to our dedicated butchery team, who will work to execute and replicate the same portion control guidelines time after time.

Every product you will receive is tarred for packaging weight and weighed through calibrated weighing systems. During the portioning process, the meats are exposed to temperature controlled conditions between 12–15 degree celsius, vacuum packed and stowed away for delivery. All chillers and freezers on site are also digitally logged at 15 minutes intervals.
At Meat Co. our Dry Aging program is custom fitted around your menu requirements. This process is carried out in-house under strict temperature and humidity control. Choosing a longer maturation process allows the meat to develop flavour and tenderness. To optimise yield, you would be able to choose from different configurations of end product. Striking a balance between quality, yield and time.

The products entering our Dry Aging program are selected at their country of origin for marbling and hand selected again by our in- house butchers upon arrival in our facility. In order to do this well, our team has to work closely with you. After understanding your menu forecast and aging requirements, the right product quality can be procured and prepared in a timely manner. Please speak with our account managers to build your custom Dry Aging Program today.
Our range of ready to eat products are purpose built to streamline kitchen operations and deliver consistent taste and quality.

We eliminate the guesswork and allow for a perfect doneness–every time. Improving tenderness, juiciness and delivering a uniform quality over and over again.

We understand there isn’t a one size fits all solution in F&B. That is why we co-develop new recipes with you, to your exact menu requirements. Once a new recipe is created, our kitchen team replicates the same taste and quality repeatedly–delivering uniformly excellent results everytime.
Our in-house Charcuterie department manufactures a range of Deli meats. Including Hams, Sausages, Bacons and Cold Cuts. All made the old fashioned way, using only top quality ingredients without short cuts.
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