Our Chilled Produce

Beef & Lamb

⨁ Where do your products come from?

Chilled Beef and Lamb available in our store are predominantly from Australia. Do head to our individual product pages to find out more details.

⨁ How do I know that my meats are fresh and never frozen before?

Your supplies arrive into Singapore once a week via air shipments.

⨁ How do I know my meats will be fresh and arrive to my door cold?

• On the Plane Your chilled produce are kept at the optimum temperature throughout the journey (on the plane) and to our warehouse, and remain unbroken until it reaches you.

• In Our Facility Before leaving the factory to your homes, chilled beef and lamb are portion cut and vacuum sealed in a cold room environment.

• On the Road To ensure your meats are kept chilled on the road, they are delivered in a refrigerated truck. Our logistic managers are experienced to deliver them quickly from the truck to your door, without undue exposure to heat and Sun.

⨁ Are your products antibiotic and Hormone Growth Promotant (HGH) free?

All Beef and Lamb used in the program are raised without the use of anti-biotics. With regards to Growth hormone promotants, this claim is not allowed in Singapore. This is because the authorities has deemed such a claim would create the impression that the cattle does not contain hormones. This claim would then be incorrect as the cattle contains naturally occurring hormones. Therefore we cannot put a claim on growth hormones promotant.

⨁ How long will my chilled produce last?

You should always try to cook the chilled lamb and beef within 3-4 days. If you intend to store them for use later, you could drop us a note to snap freeze the product before delivering it to you.

Our Frozen Produce

pork & chicken

⨁ Where does your frozen produce come from?

We stock frozen chicken from Brazil and Pork from Europe, mainly Spain and Holland.

⨁ Why do you only offer frozen Pork and Chicken?

We’ve decided to focus on offering chilled beef and lamb at this juncture, but we’re in the process of looking for high quality chilled pork and chicken options do stay tuned!

⨁ How do you maintain your produce temperature?

Our frozen produce comes straight from our supplier partners overseas at least once a month. They are kept at the optimum temperature throughout the journey to our warehouse in reefer containers that have in built temperature control.

We leverage on technology to monitor warehouse temperatures hourly. We also ensure all temperature control equipment are calibrated.

⨁ How long will my frozen produce last?

All of our products come with a label indicating use by dates. Frozen products should be stored properly in your freezer to ensure they do not defrost. Do not thaw and refreeze. We recommend consuming your frozen produce within a 6 month time frame.


⨁ Are your facilities Clean & Hygienic?

Yes! At Meat Co. food safety and hygiene is one of our top priorities. We get audited yearly by third party health and food safety experts. On top of that we are also inspected by the Singapore Authorities quarterly. Please refer to our page safe & fresh

Orders & Deliveries

⨁ How do I choose a delivery time that is different from that pre-scheduled by the system?

You may ring us or text us via WhatsApp at +65 91375226 and let us know your preferred delivery date.

⨁ Is it possible to choose my delivery time?

You may choose a suitable delivery date at the point of check out. Regarding delivery timing, we deliver from 9am to 7pm. Our customer service staff will text you on the morning of the delivery. Providing you with a 3 hour window where we will arrive at your address. At this juncture you may let us know if there is a need to adjust the allocated delivery timing.

⨁ What will my order look like?

Your order will arrive in a sealed box with your products inside vacuum packed or sealed.

Our customer service staff will notify you on the day of your delivery what time your order will arrived. You may also choose to receive your order by hand or contactless.

⨁ If I am not home, could you leave the package outside my door?

The product is at its best without unnecessary exposure to heat. We highly encourage that the products arrive at your door and go straight into the chiller or freezer. We will work with you to ensure that someone is home to receive the package.

⨁ What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

⨁ Do you store my credit card information?

No, we do not store your credit card information. Furthermore, all transactions are handled through Shopify for added security.

⨁ How can I contact Meat Co.?

You can call or WhatsApp us at +65 91375226

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