Tasman Sea Salt with Wakame Seaweed 80G

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Wakame Seaweed were first introduced into the waterways of Tasmania from the hulls of traveling Japanese Merchant Ships. Its subtlety sweet flavour lends itself perfectly to Poultry and Seafood dishes. 

Packed full of sea minerals and nutrients, this superfood blend gives a delicious umami flavour while also being an excellent source of iodine, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins.

Nutritional Benefits of Tasman Sea Salt

There is a growing awareness among chefs and food lovers alike of the importance of using high quality, unrefined sea salt in our food, rather than traditional table salts which have been stripped of all mineral goodness.

Tasman Sea Salt is situated on the border of the Southern Ocean, the cleanest ocean in the world. Harvested from this pristine sea water, Tasman Sea Salt does not need to be cleaned or rinsed during harvesting, meaning all the trace minerals and nutrients found in the ocean remain in the salt. This provides for a salt with an incredible depth of flavour that also has added health benefits.

The health benefits from the rich supply of vitamins and minerals contained in the delicate green leaves of wakame seaweed include its ability to boost energy levels, maintain hormonal balance, lower cholesterol, build strong bones, prevent diabetes and improve skin health. And for those looking for extra iodine in their diet, just two grams of Tasman Sea Salt with Wakame Seaweed provides almost your daily recommended intake of iodine.  

Tasman Sea Salt contains just 90% sodium chloride, with the remaining 10% a rich blend of sea minerals essential to human life including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iodine. As a result, Tasman Sea Salt is naturally lower in sodium than most other salts on the market, containing just 32% sodium. And its pure ocean flavour means you need to use less Tasman Sea Salt on your food to get the same flavour hit as you would with other salts.

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