Barley Fed Beef Chuck Eye Roll Shabu 2mm

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Barley Fed Beef Chuck Eye Roll

The Chuck is large muscle found in between the neck muscle and the ribeye. Adjacent to it, we would find many other high quality cuts, such as the Oysterblade and Chuck Ribs. A region of the beef referred to as the fore-quarter. Here there is great marbling with a pronounced and balanced flavour. That said the texture of the chuck may be a little rough. However with a thinly sliced shabu, the texture becomes tender enough yet enjoys the well balanced flavour and marbling typical to the fore-quarter.

The perfect cut of beef for shabu shabu or sukiyaki. All Chuck Eye Roll Shabu are sourced from Barley Fed Cattle with a marbling score of at least 2-3.

Wanderer Beef As one of the first commercially available Free Range yet Grain Fed Beef. The unique combination of Grass, Wild Herbs and Barley Fed regime results in high animal welfare and tender buttery notes that is signature to grain fed beef.

Traditionally grain fed beef are confined to feedlots eating a diet of 100% grain. As Beef are genetically not programmed to feed on grain. The intensive grain feeding regimes could encourage illness and digestive problems in the cattle. Calling for medicinal intervention such as antibiotics. 

The unique combination of Barley Fed diet supplemented by natural pasture - creates a healthy alternative to intensive feedlot raised beef. One that is raised without antibiotics and high animal welfare. 

  • Delivered Frozen
  • Lightly Marbled
  • Always Tender
  • Each Slice is approximately 2mm thick
  • Raised without the use of Anti-biotics
  • Clean Diet, Certified Never Ever Program
  • From Free Ranging Cattle on Pasture
  • Defrost in the chiller 2 hours before intended use
  • Delivered via refrigerated truck

Recommended Shabu Shabu Timing: 10-12 seconds dip in broth.

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