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Why Whole Chicken?

Embracing a sustainable lifestyle involves making conscious choices that promote the health of both ourselves and the planet we call home. One such choice is opting for whole chicken produced through sustainable practices. Whole chicken from sustainable sources is not only delicious but also contributes to a greener and more ethical world.

Whole Chicken for Sustainable Living

Eating a whole chicken can be both cost effective and environmentally sustainable

Buying a whole chicken is often less expensive than buying individual cuts of meat, such as chicken breasts or thighs. Additionally, when you buy a whole chicken, you can use every part of it, including the bones, which can be used to make chicken broth or stock. This makes your purchase go further and reduces waste

Not only will you receive a fresh and flavorful whole chicken that has already been expertly sectioned for you, but we're also including our homemade chicken stock and ready-to-eat packets

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