Our free-range Beef is reared predominantly by John Bruce in Stanley, Tasmania. A small sleepy town under the backdrop of the iconic 'Nut' of Circular Head.

Bruce with his Angus Herd and the Iconic "Nut" in the backdrop".

"This is an ideal environment to grow grass and produce beef. We don’t get frosts, it’s the perfect place to grow grass. In fact, we don’t call ourselves beef farmers. Really, we are grass farmers.”

Bruce runs the family's 40 year old farm, spanning 625-hectares. Nestled in a turquoise bay, the salt drench pastures average 810mm of rain a year. Every 2-4 days Bruce rotates his herd across pastures, ensuring a clean and fresh environment for the cattles. The clean air from the vast Southern Ocean and abundance of high quality grass ensures beef from North West Tasmania is consistently excellent.

Beef produced are antibiotic-free, GMO-free & HGP-free.

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