From the heart of Zamora, Spain, renowned for its lamb tradition, we bring you the legacy of three generations. What began as a modest family stall in Zamora's Abastos Market in the 1960s, has evolved into a global presence. Situated near the Duero River, Zamora offers an optimal climate for lamb rearing, resulting in exceptional meat quality.

The approach to lamb rearing is distinctive. Like the revered Iberian acorn-fed ham tradition, the lambs begin their journey in natural pastures, nourished by their mothers' milk and contributing to ecosystem vitality. They then transition to carefully managed farms, where a diet including wheat, corn, and soy ensures the development of tender, flavourful pink meat. By 3-5 months, they reach peak weight. Our native breeds, such as Castellana and Churra, are safeguarded under the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) regulations.

Moralejo Lamb is unwavering in the commitment to traceability, regulatory compliance, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility, at the same time bringing to you its lamb tradition.

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