Dingley Dell Pork Tomahawk on Kane Wares' Casato Flat Casserole Dish

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Casato Flat Casserole Dish + Dingley Dell Tomahawk Pork 

Bringing you our exclusive holiday collaboration with KANE Wares this festive season!

Elevate your festive celebration with these sustainably sourced beautiful tablewares from KANE Wares. Each tableware is carefully curated to pair with our meat, to deliver a memorable dining experience - a conversational dish.

Casato Flat Casserole Dish

The Casato casserole collection is reminiscent of shared meals and the exchange of stories at one’s dining table. With its natural khaki tone and array of depths, this series was designed to be versatile to suit every occasion.

Dimensions: L29 X W22.5 X H3 cm

Dingley Dell Tomahawk Pork (~320g)

Dingley Dell Pork are raised by Mark and Paul Hayworth, on a farm rich with biodiversity, on the East Suffolk coast. 

The brothers are passionate about nature and the role they play as farmers. Last year the brothers planted 338,000 square meters  of nectar rich plant mixes, which include Phacelia, Sainfonin, Aslike Clover and Vetch - essential food sources for both bees and Butterflies. The farm begun to invite bees and other insects, which in turn attracted other mammals and birds to visit. Creating a unique and natural ecosystem around the farm. One that is rich in biodiversity and wildlife, so that from the Pig's perspective, they've never lived a day on a farm. Seeing the world around them as their natural habitat. 

  • Delivered Frozen
  • Lightly Marbled
  • Exceptionally Clean flavour
  • A 320g portion serves 1 person adequately
  • Raised without the use of Anti-biotics
  • Defrost in the Chiller for 1-2 Days before use
  • Delivered via refrigerated truck
  • Country of Origin - United Kingdom

Doneness guide: Rare 50 celsius Medium rare 56 celsius Medium 60 celsius Medium Well 64 celsius Well done 68 celsius

Recommended cooking method: Quick Pan Sear, Barbecue

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