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Larchwood Farm Turkeys are meticulously bred with a focus on flavour, and they have been a cherished part of the UK's Christmas traditions for over five decades.

Today, William Smith, a third-generation farmer, continues the legacy by nurturing slow-maturing turkeys with a commitment to traditional methods, emphasising low stocking density and a special breed known as British Rose Hens.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a way of life. They grow premium grains on their family's adjacent arable farm, milling them right on their premises to create the feed for the birds. This not only minimises food miles but also allows control of the quality of the feed, resulting in healthier and more flavourful turkeys. The manure produced by the birds doesn't go to waste; it's returned to the farmland as a natural fertiliser, forming an organic and mutually beneficial cycle that sustains Larchwood's farming business.

When it comes to processing turkeys, Larchwood take an artisanal approach. Every Larchwood Farm Turkey is hand-plucked and game-hung. While this method may leave a few quill remnants on the skin, it ensures a superior-quality bird, setting it apart from the industrial wet-plucking process. For the best experience, we highly recommend choosing the defrosted and brined option, allowing our butchers to prepare the bird for you.

Available in three sizes, 6-7KG and 7-8KG

With all Turkey orders, we include a packet of Dry Spice Rub that can be applied just before you pop it into the oven.

Marinated & Sous Vide:
Holiday roasts, ready whenever you are! Your Turkey order will come brined, Trussed, Marinated & Cooked
Marinated with a blend of butter, bourbon and fresh herbs. An 8 hour sous vide ensures a fully cooked and succulent Turkey. To produce a golden brown skin, finish in your oven at 185 degrees 

Defrosted, Brined & Stuffed Option:
We will defrost the turkey, brine and stuff them with a Chestnut Pork Stuffing
Should you choose this option, we will also truss the Turkey on your behalf.
Ensuring an evenly cooked and juicy Roast Turkey. 

Defrosted & Brined Option:
Your Turkey order will come brined and trussed. 
Ensuring an evenly cooked and juicy Roast Turkey

The Ingredient lists:
Brine solution: Fresh Garlic and Onion, Sugar, Salt, Black pepper.
Dry Spice Rub: Salt, Spices, Herbs, Onion powder, Sesame seed, Paprika. 
Chestnut & Pork Stuffing: Pork, Chestnut, Spices, Salt, Fresh herbs, Cracked black pepper.

Marinated & Sous Vide: Bourbon, Mustard, Fresh Apple juice, Salt, Maple syrup, Ground black pepper


*Fresh Turkey are not allowed in Singapore, our Turkeys come Frozen from the United Kingdom.

  • Raised without the use of Added Growth Hormones
  • Raised without the use of Anti-biotics
  • Game Hung and Dry Plucked 
  • Stays Fresh in the Chiller for at least 3 days from the date of delivery
  • If not consumed within 3 days, please keep in freezer
  • Individually vacuum packed for easy storage
  • Delivered via refrigerated truck

Once you've chosen the Defrosted and Brined option, our butchers will need 4 working days to take care of the entire process.
Please allow us 4 working days to prepare the best quality Turkey we can. 
To assist us to do so, you may choose a delivery date that is at least 4 working days after your initial order check out date.  

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